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About me:

I'm Brian Hayes, your licensed health insurance agent

My mission as your agent is to empower my clients to make the most informed decision for their coverage needs. I believe proper education is the best way to identify the problems you face with healthcare, before it becomes a catastrophe. If you need an honest assessment on your situation, see more information on my process and solutions below!

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Let's do this right.

Transparency from start to finish


YOU Choose

I'll get it done:

Build your plan with me based on your priorities, whether it's: 

  • Affordable premiums

  • Low claims costs

  • Choice of Doctors/Hospitals

  • Tax deductions

  • Hassle-free application process

Building a Timeline

Availability on your convenience

Whatever the situation, it's my responsibility to provide a clear timeline of events - from the start of your search, to claims service when you're insured.
I'm available 7 days a week, so you'll never be left in the dark if you need an advocate.

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Interested in the details?

Here's my process:

Health Insurance is highly situational! I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to offering health coverage. That's why we shop together via a live webinar: so you can verify any concerns are addressed and accounted for. Once we've found a plan to satisfy your expectations, we'll put in an application to that company so you can ensure coverage begins on the date of your choice. Beyond that, I serve as your agent should you need customer service in the future. My chief priority is to provide you agency in every step of the process. If you believe like I do that there should be no surprises in store for your health insurance, get in touch with me today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're covered.

Get In Touch

5402 W Laurel St, Tampa, FL 33607

‪(813) 421-2066‬

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Thank you for your interest! I will reach out shortly from the number below.

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